Ice Panel Series 5


The Ice panel or the judges are the people who judge the celebrities routine. Untill series 6 the were 6 judges they were Karen Barber, Nicky Slater, Jason Gardener, Robin Cousins and the fifth judge would change. From Series 6 onwords there are 3 judges Jason Gardiner, Robin Cusions and Emma bunton. In Series 7 Cousins Reterned along with new additions Katarina Witt and Louie Spence, both whom left after just 1 series. For Series 8 and 9 Gardiner returned to the Panel with ex judge Karen Barber and Pussycatt Doll,Professional Dancer and new judges Ashley Roberts.

--Members :-- Robin Cousins (2006-) Jason Gardiner (2006-11 , 2013-) Karen Barber (2006-10 , 2013-) Ashley Roberts (2013-) Katarina Witt (2012) Louie Spence (2012) Emma Bunton (2010-11) Ruthie Hansell (2008-09) Natalie Bestemianova (2007) Krez Kresge (2006)