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Sm head

The Headbanger is said to be the most dangerous move on Dancing on Ice

It can start from a standing or sitting pose. The standing pose is more dangerous as the woman lifts her left up to the side, then the Man hold on to it spinning in a circle then the woman falls backwards an put the other leg to cross over with her first leg. the sitting pose starts with the woman lying down on the ice then the man has to hold on to one of her legsand spin her round in a cirle.

Then the middle bit, the man spins the woman around by one ankle and tries the get her as high up as possible without bashing her head on the floor.

The end can also be done from siting or standing. The sitting starts by the man carefully placing here on the ice then letting go of her ankle, then it has ended. The standing End starts by the woman being in the up position, she puts her leg back down on the Ice, then the man lets go of her leg and the woman is standing up.