Laura and Colin series 6 semi final

The Head Banger propaly known as the Bounce Spin is a spin that happens when the man spins the woman from her ankles making her body move up and down in a circle with her head touching very close to the ice. :)

One person usually performs the element every series.

Celebrities attempted the Head BangerEdit

  • Bonnie Langford and Matt Evers Series 1 week 5 and final
  • David Seaman and Pam O'Connor Series 1 week 7, Series 9 week 1
  • Suzanne Shaw and Matt Evers Series 3 week and the final
  • Roxanne Pallet and Daniel Whiston Series 4 week 7 and week 5
  • Hayley Tammadon and Daniel Whiston Series 5 week 5
  • Sam Attwater and Brianne Delcourt Series 6 week 6 and the final, Series 9 week 2
  • Laura Hamilton and Colin Ratushniak Series 6 semi final
  • Jorgie Porter and Matt Evers Series 7 week 7
  • Matthew Wolfenden and Nina Ulanova Series 7
  • Samia Ghadie and Sylvain Longchambon Series 8 week 4
  • Beth Tweddle and Daniel Whiston Series 8 week 6
  • Matt Lapinskas and Brianne Delcourt Series 8 Final


In competitive skating the Head Banger is an illegal element because of danger. In Dancing on ice it is the most Dangerous element. On week 6 of series 1 David Seaman was going to perform the dangerous move but in the rehersal 1 hour before the show Pam knock her chin on the ice...


David Seaman Pam O'Connor week 6 rehersal

Pam banged her chin and had stiches in it and banged her shoulders.

No male celebrity performed the Headbanger untill Sam Attwater in Series 6


The headbanger can go wrong occasinally. On week 5 of series 4 Roxanne Pallett was planning on doing the dangerous move as usual but on the night, she gave partner Dan Whiston her foot wrong and due to saftey reasons he did not bounce the headbanger.